Dessert 2/52 – Coffee Biscuit Pudding!

This is a dessert that brings to mind fond memories of childhood birthday parties, home-made snacks and the warmth that only true friendship brings! The first time I ever ate this pudding was at the house of a dear school friend, Sai. Her mom, Beena Aunty is an awesome baker and this was one of her … Continue reading Dessert 2/52 – Coffee Biscuit Pudding!


The Weekend Trip to Mandu & Maheshwar – M. P!

Sometimes I feel that the way you begin your year greatly influences the rest of the year! Jan 1 was a house party for which I made this yum dessert so I'm pretty sure that I am going to be entertaining quite a bit this year. Also the first weekend of Jan, the first true … Continue reading The Weekend Trip to Mandu & Maheshwar – M. P!