Weekly Favourites – Feb 06 – Feb 19

This is a 2 weeks work of Weekly Favourites since I didn’t get around to posting them last week. So this post has 2 recommendations to  Watch, Read, Listen, Make and Eat! 🙂  Hope you enjoy this mid-week motivation!

  1. Watch 1How Designers Destroyed the World (Mike Monteiro)
    The designers are no longer only accountable to the clients. They have a responsibility to the wider world. And creating without responsibility and accountability leads to destruction. Mike Monteiro  founder of Mule Design, forces us to “reconsider our responsibilities as designers and embrace our roles as gatekeepers” in this bluntly honest talk. Go watch now.
    Watch 2: Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome
    Neil Pasricha started a blog “1000 Awesome Things” when we was going through a very difficult time, in order to reclaim his sanity and the ability to feel happy about the little things that matter. In this TED talk, he talks about the 3 A’s that can make life truly awesome!
  2. Read 1: How to Make Friends
    As we transition from childhood to teenage-hood to adulthood, we slowly lose our ability to make new friends and make friends fast. We are more conscious of how we are perceived, we become more critical of other and we become choosy and cynical. And I realised the other day, that my closest friends are still the ones from school and junior college and that rare 2-3 from later on. I found this read quite eye-opening and it deserves this spot in my weekly Favourites!
    Bonus Read – Another article on the same subject.Read 2What Happened When I Woke Up at 5AM Every Day This Week
    I’m trying really hard to change my waking up habits and morning routines. Like I’ve mentioned here and here. But waking up early is something I’ve never been able to do. And this article is truly inspiring. I’ve realised what a difference it makes to your day if you get up early and also get to bed early. I’ve already added it to my #challenge30by12 for month 7 and hope that I stick to it even beyond that month.
  3. Listen 1: Debbie Milman’s podcast Design Matters with Anil Dash
    I started listening to Design Matters podcast when I started studying at Pratt Institute of Art & Design, NYC in 2008. For the last couple of years, I had totally given up listening to podcasts in order to gain some much-needed quiet time. Now that I’m freelancing, I realised that listening to podcasts can become almost meditative while working on a design project. There is something about Debbie Milman’s voice and diction that is so soothing! I recently came across this podcast featuring blogger, entrepreneur, and technologist Anil Dash. He talks about his childhood and how he has reached where he is today and I found it so humble and insightful. You can also follow his blog here.
    Listen 2: Gorgeous mashup of 2016 biggest hits by Jake Donaldson and Raina Harten
    Came across this on my Facebook feed and loved it! It’s such a good mash-up and so upbeat! Relive 2016 with these!
  4. Make 1 & Make 2: Easy DIY for Valentine’s Day.  Video 1 & Video 2
    This is shameless plug for my videos. I had a lot of fun making these 2 videos for valentine’s day DIYs. Something hand-made, no matter how simple can never be replaced by something store-bought. Make them and share them with your loved ones in the remaining few days of the month of love!
  5. Eat 1: Valentine’s Cookies
    I didn’t make these but they look super easy and a yummy! Make them for kids, spouses, friends, neighbours and spread the love!
    Eat 2: 2 Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake
    I made this for my Dad’s Birthday last week and it was really easy. I made them in 2 mugs and they were done in 15 minutes flat – from prep to bake. You might want to make a trial cup to understand how much sweetness and moistness you need and adjust the ingredients accordingly. But its perfect for the days you need to whip up a quick dessert and don’t have the time or energy for any regular baking! Serve it with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, hot chocolate sauce and a side of Vanilla Ice Cream and you are all set!If you enjoyed this post consider checking out my past posts for Weekly Favourites!



  6. Feature Image from Unsplash. Edited by Radhika



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