Weekly Favourites!

  1. Watch: Win the Morning. Win the Day (with Tim Ferriss) | Chase Jarvis RAW
    Chase Jarvis is one of my favourite personalities in the field of art / design / photography. I found him via Creative Live and love his motivational interviews with other people from the art and design world. Here he and Tim Ferris talk about the insights Tim Ferris learned when he interviewed over 200 of the experts / world class performers about their routines, habits and what makes them so successful! He talks about sleeping well, mindfulness practice, journalling [he mentions morning pages]
  2. Read: Why Design is Not Problem Solving + Design Thinking Isn’t Always the Answer
    This long read took me quite the time to finish and I actually had to read twice to digest what its trying to say.  Read to know more the current design industry and the role the designers are playing.
  3. Listen: Rhydhun
    I was introduced to this album by my dad almost 18 years ago. I still love it as much as I did then. The use of traditional instruments to create new and modern sounds and yet have a very earthy and classical melody makes this album one of my favourites!
  4. Make: Origami Animal
    An old friend [who is also a designer] has been making amazing origami animals. Her folding is perfect and the setting of her pictures makes these animal even more life like! Here is an excellent resource to try some!
  5. Eat: Before the fresh fig season disappears, I want to try this yummy Honey Caramelised Figs recipe! I am going to substitute the yogurt with vanilla ice cream.

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