40 Before 40

As I am in the middle of my 12 challenges for my 30th year, I also began to think about my 40th year! I know it’s all far away, but I don’t trust time! I mean, it feels like I just blinked and the decade between 20 and 30 simply whizzed by! So I’m preparing my 10-yr plan of 40 things I want to do / achieve before I turn 40! This is probably going to be the busiest decade of my life. The decade where career, family and personal goals all meet to drive any sane person crazy! But I’m hoping that this crazy will only propel me forward and make me do even more awesome things before hitting 50!! 🙂 So here goes nothing!!

  1. Complete my ‘Visharad’ in Kathak. [Ambitious but its now or never!]
  2. Become a speaker at a National / International level conference.
  3. Run a full marathon.
  4. Play the Dhol for Ganapati Visarjan procession.
  5. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  6. Have one of the top design studios in the country.
  7. Become a frequent flier!
  8. Do a 7-10 day bike trip with the husband.
  9. Have my own stationery line and a subscription based stationery / product business.
  10. Write a book.
  11. Own a cafe / pub.
  12. Make at least 100 pieces of art based on typography.
  13. Make at least 10-20 typographic installations.
  14. Exhibit the art, installations and photography.
  15. Bungee Jump!
  16. Holiday in a Scandinavian country.
  17. Build and live in a house on the farm.
  18. Have a separate cottage for a Airbnb.
  19. Learn pottery, learn to glaze and have a kiln at the farmhouse.
  20. Do the project “Toilets of the World”.
  21. Do the Vipassana Course at Igatpuri.
  22. Attend a live One Republic Concert.
  23. Have my own radio show.
  24. Perform [kathak] in front of an audience of 500 pax.
  25. Go Skydiving & Scuba diving!! [Yikes!]
  26. See Aurora Borealis.
  27. Take my parents and in-laws to Kenya.
  28. Play a game of paintball.
  29. Fly Business Class. In Emirates.
  30. Own a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps.
  31. Travel to Greece.
  32.  Completely give up aerated / carbonated beverages.
  33.  Be able to do a head stand!
  34.  Learn to cook 5 meat dishes from Mom. [Chicken, Palak Mutton, Kheema, Shami Kebab, Prawns Curry]
  35. Do a road trip in an RV / Caravan!
  36.  Have a crew cut and donate hair at the Balaji Temple.
  37. Do an overnight camping trip with the husband.
  38. Have a family portrait session / candid group photo session for each part of my family.
  39.  Volunteer with a social organisation and make a difference.
  40. Travel to Australia & New Zealand!

This might as well become my bucket list! Have you made one for yourself? Let me know in the comments and let the universe conspire to make it all happen!


Feature Image from Unsplash. Edited by Radhika.

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