The Year That Was 2016!

I was reflecting on the year that has passed and I realised that I have some great memories and also some major decisions / events that happened in 2016! If you would rather watch the video for this than read, click here!


  1. We bought a Triumph Bonneville! Its my husbands dream bike and we rode on it from Mumbai to Nashik on our 5th Anniversary!
  2. I attended Type Camp Bharat : Delhi where we made a ‘thing‘! It was an amazing experience! I have always wanted to learn from the super talented Kriti Monga and Type Camp finally gave me the chance to do that!
  3. We travelled to Tarkarli with our group of friends! The clear waters, the clean beaches and the cute MTDC resort made it a memorable vacation!


  1. I realised how much my husband loves me and that he is my anchor in turbulent times.
  2. I took the decision to quit my job on March 31.


  1. We took a small 3 hr bike ride on the Bonnie with a group of friends and then decided on staycation at one of the premium hotels in the city!
  2. I quit my job. It was a touch decision but the right one.



  1. I conducted two Art and Craft Camps for kids aged 5-13yrs! It was the most fun I had had in a long time!
  2. I started exercising again!


  1. I saw the musical performance of Beauty & The Beast – the indian adaptation and it filled my heart with joy! I saw it with my mother, father & 80 yr old grandmother – all ardent Disney fans!
  2. I saw Madhuri Dixit, in person! She was sitting with her family,  10 seats away from me at the same performance! I only wish she hadn’t refused my request for a picture with her. I have worshipped her only since forever!
  3. Raghav & I had a fun one-day trip with my parents, sister and her kids at a local resort. The games, the trekking before sunset and all the running around helped us make memories that will last a lifetime!


  1. Raghav started school at my old alma-mater and I couldn’t have been happier!
  2. We went mango-picking on the farm with the family and kids and had a great picnic!
  3. We went mango-picking again with the friends and had a blast!
  4. I started my kathak classes again! I feel like my 14 year self, full of confidence and the sheer joy when I tie my ghungroos!


  1. Husband and I took a 1 day getaway to celebrate his birthday. We rode the Bonnie for 6hrs in the rain to a lovely boutique resort / hotel. Spent the day at the spa and the rest of the day napping or drying our shoes with the hair dryer [thank god they had those in every room] and then rode 6 hrs in the rain the next day back to Nashik!
  2. Celebrated Raghav’s 3rd birthday! He still doesn’t eat cake! Got tons of presents!
  3. Started first freelance design project! Thanks Scott!
  4. Took a 3 day trip to Lonavala! 10 adults, 8 kids, 5 cars, 3 days and a whole lot of fun!!


  1. Experienced the worst floods in Nashik in the past 2-3 decades. Waist high water in  city areas. Bridges under 6-8 inches of water. 12 inches of water in husbands ground floor office.
  2. Saw the last fledgling of the Ganorkar clan fly. Little cousin brother left for higher studies in the USA.
  3. Husband bought a new car! We had it delivered on father-in-law’s birthday!
  4. Attended a Zentangle session with Lisa!
  5. Raghav learnt to ride his scooter, the push-with-your-leg-kind and it was amazing to see him zoom around int he society playground!


  1. Started a blog! Yet again!
  2. Started 2nd freelance project.
  3. Turned 30! [yikes!]
  4. Started a #challenge30by12. Read about it here. And here.
  5. Had our annual Gauri-Ganapati Festival.
  6. Travelled to Delhi to visit my sister. First flight for Raghav. First time travelling solo with him. Read some of my tips for traveling with a toddler here. Also watch the video here!
  7. Started a YouTube channel!


  1. Celebrated Navratri by doing a social-media campaign for a local saree brand. Donated all fees to Gharkul Parivar Sanstha.
  2. Started 3rd freelance project!
  3. Celebrated Diwali without Gayu [Delhi] and Yash[US] for the first time. Was weird.


  1. Raghav discovered the joys of colouring!
  2. Raghav started enjoying school.
  3. Raghav started evening activity class!
  4. Raghav started drawing monsters. On slates, on papers and in his school notebooks!
  5. I attended a weekend workshop in Mumbai all about hand-lettering! You can watch my vlog here!
  6. I finished an amazing book – Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide To Building A Business With Impact.Read my review of it here and buy this book here.  You can also watch my book review video here!


  1. Raghav became famous for rolling in the mud!
  2. Got his first black eye! [Don’t worry! It was all the kids doing masti!]
  3. Drew his first complex composition of 4 friends around a tree with one plucking an apple!
  4. Set up my own design studio. More on that later!
  5. Travelled to Hasimara to visit my sister again! 15hrs travelling to get there. 4 days there. And 15hrs travelling back! Watch my vlog here!
  6. A butterfly sat on my sling bag for almost a minute!
  7. Had a brilliant New Year’s Eve celebration with Kuldeep’s school friends!

Let me know how your 2016 was! And incase you haven’t read my resolutions for 2017, read them here!


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