H is for Handlettering!

So for my first challenge in the year long series, I chose to handletter a word of a quote. You can see the whole set here. But today’s post is about some of the pieces that I personally loved.



1. Make Your Mom Proud

One of my personal favorites because it echoes a sentiment that I have carried with me forever. I never want to do anything that will disappoint my mother or let her down!







2. Let Life Surprise You

Don’t be bogged down by daily chores and the mundane nature of life!





3. Take Responsibility

For yourself. Your Actions. Your Life. Your decisions. Your choices. Everything.





4. Its Ok To Procrastinate [sometimes]

Everyone needs a break. Take some time off and get back to task at hand in a bit!






5. BE [all these things]

Of all the things to be, be kind, thoughtful, polite, punctual…… Be Joyous!









6. Post. Tweet. Share. Repeat!

If you liked all of this, please post, tweet, share, repeat!! 🙂




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