Resolutions for 2017

I know it sounds cliched. But I am the sort of person who loves the beginning of the new year! I love being optimistic knowing that I have the whole year ahead of me to try new things and change for the better! So every year, I make of some resolutions. Some I keep till the end of the year [like 2015 when I wore a saree everyday! ] and some I abandon when the struggle is more than the satisfaction.

Also if you would like to know how great 2016 was for me, check it out here!

So here are my resolutions for 2017!

  • Make A New Dessert Every Week!
    Dec 1 was a Sunday and I actually made my 1st dessert! A delicious and ridiculously simple Apple Crumble. 1 down 51 to go!
  • Eat Healthy & Drink More Water!
    It is more about being fit than losing weight. I end up snacking on junk food more than I would like and I want to stop doing that this year.
  • Sleep Less!
    I always regret sleeping those extra minutes in the morning or napping in the afternoon on the weekends. In hindsight I realise that there are so many other things that I would like to accomplish instead of that nap!
    I’m guilty of watching reruns of my favourite sitcoms and movies! Having watched it before, the rational part of my brain urges me to switch off and do something else. This year, no more watching reruns!
  • Read More! Read a Marathi Book!
    I find myself complaining that I don’t have enough time to read. [yeah, because I spend it watching reruns of Greys Anatomy!!] But in 2017 I promise to read more. Read more book. Read more blogs. Read more poetry. Just Read.
    I’ve studied with English as my first language since I was a baby. I only fell in love with my mother tongue, Marathi, during High School and I have my very special teacher to thank for that. I need to renew that flame and read more of the great books written in Marathi and make sure I don’t lose on what my culture and heritage offer.
  • Write More. Blog More!
    I’ve always been a closet writer and a closet poet. Ever since I can remember, I have been writing stories and poems and in the recent year, for design publications. I feel that I have so much to say that I must write more. Write more. Blog more. And even email more. Sure, a picture may be worth a 1000 words, but sometimes, there are things that you just need to spell out.
  • Send More Letters / Postcards!
    I am a big believer of the hand written missive. I love receiving letters and postcards and I enjoying sending some old fashioned snail-mail love to friends and family and even strangers around the globe! This year I vow to send even more! If you would like to receive a letter or a postcard from me, leave you addresses in the comments section below.
  • Be More Patient and Conscious Of My Words & Actions!
    Lately, I notice myself being impatient with my son, my husband, my mother. And after that moment has passed I think of several ways I could have responded in, other than my impatience self. Its not something I am proud of and definitely not the example I want to set for my son.
  • Travel More!
    I get so caught up with work and the domesticity of life that traveling features very little in the big picture. This year I want to change that. I want to travel more. For work and leisure. I will not crib about the packing that I hate but instead revel in the anticipation that comes with all the travel. I will jump at every opportunity to travel, no matter where and no matter for what!
  • Write 750 Words In The Morning and Write a Gratitude Journal At Night.
    I’ve been writing 750 Words [Morning Pages] for the past month as a part of my Challenge30by12 and I have come to love it. The act of simply writing every thought in your head at that time for a minimum of 750 words [approximately 3 pages] seems easy but is in fact quite daunting. Also, I liken this habit to that of your ablutions. Just purge yourself of all that is stale and from the past. That way its out of your head and now you have room for newer thoughts.
    As for the gratitude journal, I did this in 2015 as an experiment and abandoned it in 2016. But I believe that being grateful for the small things that make your day better, is the best way to end your day. And I look forward to writing one this year.
    Also, both these actions work best when you use a real pen and paper.

That’s it! Those are my 10 resolutions for the year of 2017! Let me know if you have any suggestions or tips! Also I’d love to know what your resolutions for 2017 are!


Feature Image from Unsplash. Edited by Radhika.

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