Dessert 2/52 – Coffee Biscuit Pudding!

This is a dessert that brings to mind fond memories of childhood birthday parties, home-made snacks and the warmth that only true friendship brings! The first time I ever ate this pudding was at the house of a dear school friend, Sai. Her mom, Beena Aunty is an awesome baker and this was one of her … Continue reading Dessert 2/52 – Coffee Biscuit Pudding!


Morning Pages. 750 Words.

This post is super delayed because I'm already done with #challenge4of30by12! So for the 3rd challenge in this series of 12 challenges, I decided to start writing 750 words everyday, the first thing in the morning. Alternatively known as morning pages. I started this exercise purely to get into the habit of writing again. I … Continue reading Morning Pages. 750 Words.