#challenge1of30by12 – Completed Successfully!

So for the first month, I challenged myself to hand-letter a word or a quote everyday. I have been fascinated with typography for the last decade and for hand-lettering for the past 5-6 years. It was only this year [2016 Jan] that I gathered the guts to actually dive in. I attended Type Camp Bharat, the Delhi edition in Jan 2016 and learned quite a bit there. Since then I’ve been meaning to practice and try and get a better understanding but never really got down to actually doing it. So I felt that it was only befitting that my first challenge of the #challenge30by12 be about hand-lettering.

I must admit here, that though I was very enthusiastic about it in the first 10 days, later I struggled to find time dedicated for this exercise. I cannot imagine how Lisa Congdon did it for an entire year! I really admire here and am inspired by her. Maybe next year I can do something like that. So after 10 days into my challenge, when other tasks took priority, I found it hard to carve out time to complete my daily challenge. I tried waking up early but, sleep is too dear for me to continue that for long. Ultimately, on most days I did my hand-lettering just before going to bed. On a lot of days, I was tired and my composition turned of be crappy, my lines shaky and my colouring uneven. But I can proudly say that I did complete the challenge. So rather late than never, here are my 30 hand lettered words / quotes.

Most of the quotes are from my own thoughts and some inspired from the internet and books. I will post about each quote soon but here is a round up of all the hand-lettered quotes!


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