Update: #challenge30by12

Its been 3 months since I began my #challenge30by12. The first week or two was full of enthusiasm and then as usual other tasks began to take priority! I struggled [read still struggling] to maintain a schedule. I haven’t managed to do my task everyday but I’m happy even if I’m hitting my 80% mark!

In the beginning of my challenge, I asked my friends here and on Facebook to help me complete my list. I also had to re-order some from my first list and here is the update.

  1. #challenge1of30by12: hand lettered quote or word  COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!!
  2. #challenge2of30by12:Meditate for 20 minutes  Tried but lost my momentum after 2 weeks!!
  3. #challenge3of30by12: Do 750 words the first thing in the morning.    Hit an 80% mark!
  4. #challenge4of30by12: Write a blog post everyday.
  5. #challenge5of30by12: Write a letter / postcard everyday
  6. #challenge6of30by12: Doodle everyday
  7. #challenge7of30by12: Write a short story / poem everyday
  8. #challenge8of30by12: EMS or Early Morning Selfie [before 6AM]
  9. #challenge9of30by12: Post 10 pictures of #365sareedays everyday. [And complete the project!!]
  10. #challenge10of30by12: D0 10 Surya Namaskars everyday before 7am [ in addition to the normal exercise routine]
  11. #challenge11f30by12:
  12. #challenge12f30by12:

So now I have completed 3 challenges. I have my list of next 7 challenges ready and still need 2 more! Look out my update about #challenge1of30by12 soon! I wont be able to share anything about #challenge2of30by12 because I didn’t complete it. I need more time to train my mind in order to meditate for 20-30 minutes. #challenge3of30by12 was quite personal. I will share my thoughts on it but not my daily writing.

If you have ideas for the two remaining challenges, do let me know!



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