As I began to ponder the significance of me turning 30, I also began to look back and think about what I have achieved. Turns out, not much! A chunk of my achievements happened during school and college years. The last 10 years have relatively been uneventful. Unless you count having a child, getting married and getting a masters [not in that order! Thank god, or the society would have a fit!!] as “achievements”. Looking at my peers, not all of them have all three so maybe in some sense those are achievements.

So as I thought about my monstrous challenge of #365sareedays [for details, write to me in the comments section!] I felt that the momentous occasion of turning 30 [eeks!] surely needed something similar. But, after donning sarees day after day for 365 days, I have learnt my lesson that I am in no shape to set myself  up for another year long challenge. Instead, I thought, I’d do a series of 12 challenges, 1 one per month. A specific task that I’d perform everyday for a minimum of 30 days. I may or may not continue it for the rest of the year! I begin my first challenge on my birthday, 23rd September. I’m still making a list of 12 challenges, so share you ideas with me and help me make this year a memorable one!


  1. #challenge1of30by12: hand lettered quote or word
  2. #challenge2of30by12:Meditate for 20 minutes
  3. #challenge3of30by12: EMS or Early Morning Selfie [before 6AM]
  4. #challenge4of30by12: Post 10 pictures of #365sareedays everyday. [And complete the project!!]
  5. #challenge5of30by12: Write a letter / postcard everyday
  6. #challenge6of30by12: Doodle everyday
  7. #challenge7of30by12: Write a short story / poem everyday
  8. #challenge8of30by12:
  9. #challenge9of30by12:
  10. #challenge10of30by12:
  11. #challenge11f30by12:
  12. #challenge12f30by12:

So far, I have thought of 7 challenges and I would love your suggestions for the remaining 5! So type away in the comments and let me know all you great ideas!! And the 5 that I actually choose, will get a lil something from me! So get cracking!



5 thoughts on “Challenge30by12

  1. Richa Pereira Dasari says:

    Plan a reunion sort of with ur former athletics group?
    Go visit a country of ur dreams..
    It’s probably time to remove ur old wish list and browse through it.. I remember u sharing one with me.


    • Radhika Kuldeep says:

      Hi Richa! Thanks for these suggestions! All of them are really good! Do you have that list? I dont really recall what all I had written in it!


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