What?? Another Blog??

Ok, I’m going to be honest. Every couple of years I start a blog, get really excited, blog and share sincerely for the next couple of months. Once the other things in life start taking up priority, all the blogging and the writing goes right out of the window. I remember starting my first blog at age 15-16, then another one when I was 20, and then another at 22! Sometime after that, I got my first job, got married, add another 4 years, a city change, a job change, a baby – and another failed attempt at maintaining a blog, followed by a couple of years juggling all of this and here I am!! 

I’m on the verge of turning 30,  [Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!] and one day I realised that I am no where close to what I had imagined I’d be when I turn 30! I had imagined that I would have a flourishing career in design [and writing], that I would have a series of accomplishments or won an award of some kind with respect to design and other skills, I would have run a marathon and achieved a certain level of fitness [bye bye baby belly], I would be able to make a decent meal, have an active and healthy child  [actually I have accomplished that!! so yay!] and take on the responsibility of the family and life.

Instead, here I am – just diving into the thrilling yet scary world of freelance and entrepreneurship, barely managing to raise my toddler while running for meetings and racing deadlines, still not enjoying cooking and getting bored with the regular Indian cuisine and dreading turning 30!

So I thought how can I make turning 30 something that I can be excited about or, something that I look forward to?? And I came up with this plan. Why not do a set of 12 challenges, 1 every month for the year I go from 30 to 31? So a particular activity that I will complete everyday for that particular month, starting 23rd September! 30days of any one activity like writing, lettering, or even waking up before 6am!! Challenges long enough to make an impact and short enough for me to attempt and succeed. I had challenged myself to wear sarees for 365 days of 2015 for a social cause, and the one thing that taught me was that shorter challenges have a better chance at motivating me and another long one like the 365sareedays will just drive me insane!


So one of the main reasons to start this is to have a place to document my #challenge30by12 and to try and make up for all those years where I fell short! So I would love it if you would cheer me along this experiment of mine and motivate me! So here goes nothing!!


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